Executive Board
President – Richard Vieux
Vice President – Chris Williams
Treasurer –  Richard Wilson
Financial Secretary – Becky Newton
Secretary – Cheryl Valdois
                            “At Large” Council Representatives
Board of Caring – Doreen Scheuerman
Board of Properties – Jerald Peterson
Board of Outreach – Bob Porter
Board of Worship – Darin Weers
Board of Adult Ministries -Dr. Ramona Peshek
Board of Youth Ministries – Shane Saathoff
Board of Children’s Ministries – Sarah Aschbrenner
“At Large” Council Representatives are the “go between” for Council and the Board they represent.
• A staff member also serves on each Board.
• Members of the Council serve for 2-year terms and may hold two consecutive terms.
To be considered for a Council Member position, a member must attend regular worship and involved in a Connect Group.
• Risen Savior is staff directed & lay led.